The essence of sofa-travelling:
5 exciting ways to use Live Tour experience!

Anna Linnikova, August 24, 2020

Do you miss travelling? In the last decades travelling has become a huge part of life of a modern society: a passion, a hobby, an addiction, a way to feel free. Sadly, Covid-19 pandemic has put it on hold. But not only the restless globe-trotters are the ones suffering. A lot of couples, families, relatives, friends who live in different countries have been split by Covid-19 travelling restrictions and have to stay apart for who knows how much longer. 

Even businesses allocated in different parts of the world have to look for alternative strategies for team-building as the majority of business/team-building trips are now off the table for the foreseeable future.

Now, don’t fall into despair – there is a new fun way to feel reunited and to bring a bit of joy into your ‘grounded’ routine. Although by no matter can it replace the real face-to-face communication it can be some fresh and exciting experience which will make the participants feel closer to each other even if they are thousands of miles apart. 

Here it is – the essence of sofa travelling: Live Tours Moscow and Live Tours St.Petersburg! Imagine setting up a virtual meeting with the person you want in one of the Russian cities! That is surely a blast!

You and the people you invited will be put on a dedicated webpage (no app installation needed) where you can speak to each other and your professional guide in Moscow/St.Petersburg while the guide is walking around the must-see sights of the two most famous Russian cities and broadcasting the video in HD quality and with almost no latency.

This is a 100% interactive experience and of high quality: the picture won’t be jumping, or splitting into pixels; you can chat up with your guide with your voice in real time. More importantly: it is great fun! Spend 90 minutes in mysterious Russia! See how people live there with your own eyes, we promise you, a lot of stereotypes will be broken! Learn some interesting facts about Russia and its history!

Here, we have come up with a few ideas on how you could use this amazing activity:

1. A birthday party for you or a birthday gift for someone


This is definitely going to be a unique birthday party or a birthday present! Imagine celebrating your birthday in Russia, how unusual is that? Gift certificates are available!

Birthday Party - Online Tour
Birthday Party

2. An online date


Surprise your loved one with a virtual trip to Russia. This will certainly be the surprise she/he won’t expect! Moreover, it will be great to finally do something truly new and exciting together! A breathtaking experience for the both of you! Both Moscow and St.Petersburg can be very romantic, who knows, maybe you will choose Russia for your honeymoon after!

Online Date - Online Tour
Online Date

3. A new way of team-building


No business trips or even large gatherings are allowed. So how do businesses plan to hold annual Christmas parties, team-building sessions or other important events for the company? Well, this is a new activity for your HR department to look into. A fun way to unite people, raise the team spirit. Both informative and exciting – this experience will keep your colleagues discussing it for quite some time after! And definitely way cheaper than any other options!

Team Building - Online Tour
Team Building

4. Bored? Invite your friends for a party in Moscow or St. Petersburg!


You get to ‘travel’ to Russia together for 90 minutes and can wow and joke around during or after the tour (we leave the chat room available for the participants after the tour – ‘the show must go on!’) A fun way to get new experience with your friends!

Party with Friends - Online Tour
Party with Friends

5. A gift to your parents


Let’s be honest – with Covid-19 in place for the next couple of years will your parents travel far and wide? There is a chance they won’t take this risk for quite some time but we all know how important new experiences and impressions are for the elderly ones. Want to see your parents feeling young and excited again during this depressing Covid-19 period? Perhaps this little virtual trip to Russia is what they need to get in good spirits!

Gift For Parents - Online Tour
Gift For Parents

Not to be a mere assertion – we have already held live tours for all the kinds of occasions above and it was a total success, proven by the Customers’ feedback and reviews! Get Live Tour Moscow and Live Tour St.Petersburg on your bucket list – this is totally worth it!