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Online Experience in Real-time with a Private Local Tour Guide in Moscow

The Tour

After being the leading private tours company in Moscow since 2011 we have developed this online real-time tour taking together our experience and world’s top technologies to make it possible to visit Moscow without leaving the house from anywhere in the world.

100% Private

Flexible timing and itinerary. You can invite your guests to join your private tour. Imagine to meet your friends from all over the world in Moscow?!

Full HD Quality

We have built up our own media server to make Full HD in real time possible. We say "no" to YouTube latency and Zoom low-quality video.


You can actively participate in the most natural way: your voice. Feel free to ask your guide questions like as you were on a regular tour.

Zoom vs Live Tours Moscow. Quality Test.

The Landmarks

During our 90 mins walk we will see & talk about 10+ Moscow most famous landmarks in the historical centre of Moscow. 

The Red Square

The Red Square

The heart of Russia and the most-visited landmark in Moscow. It is difficult to realize the grandeur of the place until you visit it so this is your chance!

The Kremlin

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is not only the seat of the President but also the biggest preserved ancient fortress in Europe and a Museum. It has seen all Russian tzars, emperors, general secretaries and presidents reign and rule.

Nikolskaya Steeet

Fan Street Nikolskaya

The famous street where football fans from all over the world cheered for their teams during the football world cup. Always crowded, this street only looked unbelievably empty during the Moscow lockdown in 2020.

St Basil Cathedral

Saint Basil's Cathedral

The most recognized symbol of Moscow. Peculiar and intricate domes of St.Basil’s Cathedral are impossible to forget – feast your eyes with this real-time view!

Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi Theatre

Ballet is probably one of the top-10 words that are associated with Russia. See the origin of the Russian ballet art and one of the most famous theatres in the world.

KGB Building

KGB Headquarters

The notorious building on Lubyanka square used to host KGB for many years and is still in operation. Hear what stories your guide has up the sleeve about the years of KGB work.

+ Lenin’s Mausoleum, Alexander Garden, GUM, Teatralnaya and Manege Squares

The Guide

Juliette Guide

The city’s beauty and grandeur simply can’t leave you indifferent! Moscow is like an exclusive gem in the crown of the world’s most magnificent cities. 

What Customers Say?

"Juliette our guide was excellent and good fun. Full of information and insight which encouraged us to visit Moscow in the future."
Pam Byfield (UK)

5670 ₽

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Price per Tour, you can invite up to 7 guests

90 mins Experience

Flexible Timings

Flexible Route

100% Private

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Can I join the tour on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use any device with supported browsers to join the tour. Although we recommend to choose the one that has better screen resolution to enjoy Full HD video quality.  

What is the Internet connection speed requirement?

To  have a smooth and pleasant experience you should have at least 5 Mbs downloading speed.

Do I need to install an app?

No, you just use your browser. No extra app needed. 

What are the Supported Browsers?

We have successfully tested our online tour with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, MS Edge and Safari. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not supported.


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